The Great Gatsby Chronicles

Doing what you love with people you love is quite euphoric, almost too good to be true. It doesn’t feel like work at all, though the labour never disappears. I cannot express how grateful I am to have experienced this in doing The Great Gatsby, but here is my feeble attempt to try anyway.  Continue reading “The Great Gatsby Chronicles”

Back To Your First Love

[No, the title doesn’t mean go back to your very first relationship.]

I have been crawling through the book of Revelation for the past few months, and it only seemed apt to talk about one of the things I came across in this study, now that it’s the (overrated) Valentine’s season. Continue reading “Back To Your First Love”

Refreshing: A Review of the Dear Evan Hansen OBC Recording

[OBC: Original Broadway Cast]

Let me begin by saying I have never seen the musical, nor do I have any hopes of seeing it in the near future. Though I hope to change that sooner rather than later. But if you appreciate a review on technicals and musicality, then by all means please read on. Continue reading “Refreshing: A Review of the Dear Evan Hansen OBC Recording”

The Case on Musical Theatre

I have always been fascinated—sometimes obsessed—with musical theatre. The thought of singing, dancing, and acting all at the same time in heavy costumes and makeup for three hours straight, eight times a week, in front of 1500 people each time still boggles my mind, which is why I believe people in musical theatre (not just the cast, but everyone involved in the production) are some of the hardest working people in the entertainment industry. Continue reading “The Case on Musical Theatre”